Video Showcase

This video provides an overview of how micro trenching is done and what a completed network looks like. TeraSpan has branded this as Vertical Inlaid Fiber or VIF. The conduit is applied as two halves over top of the fiber. This provided many advantages in installation and in maintenance. This type of fiber network can be used for fiber to the home, private fiber networks, connecting wireless networks, long haul networks along roadways etc. TeraSpan has pioneered this deployment method and now provides its products and expertise around the globe.

Below is a FTTX build in a typical commercial area. In this build a variety of different terrain is encountered. After the VDC7 is installed the cables are pulled in afterward, which is typical of a traditional fiber build.

In this video the 12mm SPC (Square Profile Conduit) is tested by blowing a 6mm cable through a series SPC and FTT sections coupled together with the internal coupler system. The video also demonstrates how to install the internal coupler.

This video provides a brief overview of SPC (Square Profile Conduit).

Below is an informative video on how to re-instate a saw cut using Perma Patch and the Large Packing Wheel.