Product Overview

TeraSpan's Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC)

TeraSpan’s philosophy is to a provide a modular Vertical Inlaid Fiber (VIF) product and service portfolio to deploy micro-trenched networks along with the accessories and fittings to fully integrate with existing backbones.   A complete range of Vertical Deflecting Conduit, Fiber Optic Cables and System Accessories may be easily combined to create a cost effective, robust last mile fiber optic solution. Our full suite of training and support services ensures that networks are deployed quickly and error free.

Whether you require service between buildings, a connection to an existing network, or need to light-up customers, TeraSpan's VIF system is the premier solution.

Vertical Deflecting Conduit:

TeraSpan's Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC) is a rugged two-part, slim profile conduit system that "zippers" together around fiber optic cables. VDC’s rugged design and hard edges deflect shovels, picks and other tools and will withstand over 2000 pounds of compression. VDC effectively drains water post-installation eliminating frost heave damage and providing robust protection for enclosed fiber cables.


TeraSpan has developed several high-performance cables that provide maximum fiber density within diameters of 4 or 6 millimeters.   These small diameter cables offer excellent compatibility and flexibility when linking with existing outside fiber structures. 

Branching and Transitions:

TeraSpan offers a full range of product solutions for branching off of conduit paths and for interfacing with buildings and outside plant infrastructure. 

For branching, "T Connectors" form a perpendicular branch within the VIF system, with the branch supporting transitions to other VDC products for FTTH end point connections. T Connectors may be installed in hard infrastructures and are instrumental in reducing costs in FTTH and FTTX applications, where easy branching is required during or post installation.

The VDC-FTT Clamp forms a mechanical transition between VDC and Flexible Transition Tubing (FTT) systems. This clamp is instrumental in joining VDC to FTT conduits for transitions into vaults, buildings and poles.

Vaults and Enclosures

TeraSpan offers a full range of standard vaults that interface with our VDC product line and are often the best solution for building higher count networks. TeraSpan designed the Cylindrical Access Node (CAN) as a specialized vault to retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt with minimal disruption to the infrastructure.

For fiber counts up to 48, the galvanized steel CAN stores slack cable and multiple splice enclosures, making network expansion and repairs simple and inexpensive. Designed primarily for roadways, sidewalks and boulevards, the CAN is built for security and longevity.  



TeraSpan's compact Splice Enclosures are designed to effectively accommodate VIF Cable for either repair situations or mid-span access for network extensions. The splice enclosure is used for indoor and outdoor installations and is deployed in network branching situations, repairs, and in-building applications.