In the last decade, growing demand for bandwidth intensive applications has driven an extensive deployment of centralized fiber optic networks. However, connecting the “last mile” for end users using conventional trenching has been a cost prohibitive. 

TeraSpan’s proven micro-trenching technology provides last mile connectivity solutions that are not only versatile and reliable, but also highly cost effective and environmentally friendly.  Combining ease of use and rapid deployment by small, highly efficient crews using inexpensive construction equipment, VIF changes the way fiber optic networks are deployed for last mile applications.

For Service Providers, VIF provides the following key benefits:

For Municipalities and Home Owner Associations, VIF is an ideal solution:

The TeraSpan VIF system is eligible for loans granted under the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Telecommunications Program (RDTP) and is included on the accepted materials list in the underground conduit section. 

VIF is an ideal fit for last mile applications in the following the unique FTTX requirements of many different market sectors including Government (including municipalities, hospitals and schools), Carriers and Wireless Providers, Fiber to the Business (including private enterprises) and Fiber To The Home projects.