Equipment Overview

TeraSpan MIcrotrenching Solutions

One of the keys to success in microtrenching is to have the right tools for the job.  In simple terms the microtrenching process involves making a saw cut, cleaning up the debris from the saw cutting process, installing the VDC then finally re-instating the saw cut.  With our extensive experience in designing and building microtrenched networks, we have developed a tool set that will facilitate an efficient, safe, quality deployment with minimal manpower.  Our tool set is designed to succeed in all conditions that one would find building networks in an urban setting.  We also offer our expertise to contractors who build with our products, so they can adjust their existing equipment assets in order to succeed at microtrenching.

For making the saw cut TeraSpan has developed a process of saw cutting in which the saw blade spins in an upward direction, which causes the debris to come up out of the cut. In asphalt environments, we can use up cutting without water, coupled with a dust collection system to collect the debris which automates the cleanup process. The up cutting process can greatly reduce the labor for cleanup, and leaves a very clean cut that is ready for installation of the conduit.

The process of handling cable and VDC conduit is greatly simplified and automated by using the VDC Manager and the Spool Manager.  VDC and cables can be assembled and installed by one person and the foot print of the job site is greatly reduced.

Once the VDC has been installed, it is time to close the cut.  To accomplish this we use a cold asphalt mix (PermaPatch is our preferred type) and pack it into the saw cut with a heavy steel wheel (called the Packing Wheel) that we have developed for this purpose.

Details about our tool set can be found in the product catalog.

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Husqvarna Road Saw with Dust Collector:

This powerful diesel road saw offers great maneuverability and productivity.


Dust Collector Head:

The dust collector head telescopes up and down to capture dust as the saw blade is lowered into the road surface.


VDC Manager and Spool Manager:.

Cable is fed from the Spool Manager to the VDC Manager to automate the VDC zipping process.



VDC4 Zipper Tool:

The zipper tool guides cable, string or tubing elements into the VDC channels as the two sides come together.