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TeraSpan Networks Inc. was founded in 2000, in Vancouver, BC. The company is registered with the CRTC as a Non-Dominant Carrier and is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. TeraSpan successfully designs, builds, and maintains fiber optic networks that dramatically improve the economics of network deployment by reducing costs and increasing the speed of deployment.

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A Full Service Fiber Provider

At TeraSpan, we rapidly deliver the fiber optic infrastructure that is needed to support high speed / high bandwidth demanding services and data transmission. The experience gained by building and maintaining networks for over 18 years gives TeraSpan the ability to provide quality, reliable, and low impact solutions to our customers. We provide a variety of solutions for carriers, municipalities, healthcare authorities and private network operators. Our solutions range from full turnkey network deployments, network design and maintenance, micro-trench network deployment products and dark fiber lease / IRU. Our customers, including TELUS, Shaw Communications, Northwestel, Rogers, BC Provincial Health Services, and Urban Communications have found that TeraSpan’s deployment solutions provide both installation cost savings and reduced time to market when compared with other traditional deployment methods.

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Vertical Inlaid Fiber solution

TeraSpan also offers a full product line for the deployment of micro-trenched networks that is used globally by major telecommunication carriers. Our customers find that our Vertical Inlaid Fiber solution provides as much as 50% in cost savings and time to market compared with traditional trenching or boring methods.  For carriers, governments and businesses deploying high bandwidth services in difficult urban or metropolitan areas, Vertical Inlaid Fiber is the solution. Unlike traditional deployment methods, TeraSpan’s patented Vertical Inlaid Fiber (VIF) micro-trenched fiber optic solutions are non-intrusive and environmentally friendly – ideal for metropolitan, suburban and urban areas.

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TeraSpan has a culture of practical innovation and makes significant investments in research and development each year. When new deployment challenges arise, TeraSpan has the team to find solutions in a timely manner. We are passionate about practical innovation in fiber deployment and we take pride in delivering carrier grade fiber networks both quickly and cost effectively. Our conduit products are the toughest on the market and offer many maintenance and deployment advantages over traditional round conduits. We have the expertise to ensure a successful network deployment.

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